Health Communication and Behaviour Change Project 2 : Guided by Love: A Caregiver's Path
Christopher Lye Sze Kian | Goh Ying Ming, Bryce | Lek Jie Wei | Mah Yi Da | Sim Yu Hui, Kellie
''Guided by Love: A Caregiver's Path' is an interactive video designed to enhance understanding and empathy towards the experiences of caregivers, with the ultimate goal of promoting more comprehensive support systems. This innovative video invites viewers to step into caregivers' shoes, offering a first-hand perspective on the challenges they face. The primary focus of the video is to reassure caregivers about the decision to utilise palliative care facilities for their relatives, while also highlighting the importance of seeking support through avenues like support groups and therapy. Additionally, it aims to address public stigma by showcasing the struggles caregivers endure. The narrative centers around a caregiver taking care of his mother-in-law, Mary, who is suffering from advanced dementia as part of her terminal illness. A poignant moment in the story is when Mary wanders away from home and gets lost, bringing to light the critical decision the caregiver faces regarding hospice care.
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