Health Communication and Behaviour Change Project 6 : Pokemon Go: Gotta Move 'Em All
Melodee Chia | Chen Jiasen | Dylan Raharja | Zhuo Jia | Axel Liew
Welcome to Pokémon Go: Gotta Move 'Em All, a six-week timed event designed to inspire Pokémon Go trainers to embark on a journey of improved health and well-being. In this event, we merge the excitement of Pokémon catching with a focus on fostering healthier lifestyles. Trainers will have the opportunity to catch limited edition Pokémons specially designed for this event, with additional bonus encounters if trainers complete their field research. In a groundbreaking move, we're introducing a novel progress bar tailored for our trainers solely for this event - the Fitness Bar. This innovative feature allows trainers to track their fitness journey within the Pokémon Go universe. With each stride towards improve fitness, trainers unlock the ability to capture a broader array of event-themed Pokémon, enhancing both the gameplay and the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.
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