Health Communication and Behaviour Change Project 5 : CozyCues
Chua Po Siang Bridget | Yee Li Ren, Harel | Aishwarya D/O RM Palaniappan | Katragadda Sahana | Lee Jing
Have you ever found yourself working tirelessly throughout the day, only to spend the rest of the night craving entertainment instead of going to sleep? This phenomenon, commonly known as "Revenge bedtime procrastination", affects a significant 55 per cent of Singaporeans. While it may seem counterintuitive, considering that after an exhausting day, one should naturally seek restorative sleep, research has illuminated the intricate interdependence between regulating our sleep and "willpower" - a limited resource consumed upon controlling behaviour to perform non-automatic actions such as concentrating on work. If we are to reclaim good quality sleep after an arduous day for ourselves, we need a way to help people rethink their sleep schedule, to make sleeping at regular times a habit, not a chore. Thus, we developed CozyCues, a solution to assist people in reducing the demand for willpower by forming automatic associations between environmental and behavioural cues and sleep to make bedtime regulation an automatic process.
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