Health Communication and Behaviour Change Project 4 : CleanLungs
Cassandra Dana Chin Kaiwen | Songcheong Cheong | Nicholas Andhika Cahyadi | Tan Shu Yi | Tay Kaiheng Brandon | Pang Yew Ju Ethan
Our goal is to ensure that our proposed solutions for addressing youth vaping in Singapore strike a careful balance between the need for change and the preservation of individual freedoms, all while avoiding the creation of excessive fear. This approach differentiates our intentions from the more restrictive government initiatives and regulations. We hope to inspire and empower the youths to make informed decisions about their health through the exposure of a series of carefully curated social media campaigns targeted at educating them. We believe that through positive reinforcement and community engagement, individuals can feel more encouraged to recognize the benefits of leading a vape-free life and foster a more receptive attitude towards change. Ultimately, our aim is to facilitate voluntary behaviour change rather than imposing strict restrictions that could be perceived as infringement on personal freedoms, thereby offering a more constructive approach to addressing the issue of vaping among the youths in Singapore.
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